Inkscape for digital fabrication (ENG)

Datum: 30-31 januari & 1 februari
Plats: Kursrummet våning 4, KKV GBG, Sockerbruket 44
Schema: Alla dagar 18:00-21:00. Fikapaus vid 19:30.
Undervisningstid: 9 timmar
Antal deltagare: 6
Kursledare: David Braham,
Kostnad: 2094 kr | Medlem i KKV GBG: 1925 kr
Sista anmälningsdag: FÖRLÄNGD: Tisdag 23 januari kl 12:00

We learn inkscape, a free vector graphic program with a focus on preparing files for the laser cutter.

Learn how to prepare files for various digital fabrication processes like laser, CNC and water jet with Inkscape a free vector based software. This is a beginner level course in Inkscape, we get used to the software, find our way around and work towards preparing a file with your logo that is ready for laser cutting.
This course opens the possibility to make files for stamps and tools for working in clay, printmaking and more. Good file prep makes laser cutting run smoother. This is NOT the laser course but focuses on file preparation, a laser drivers license will follow shortly after this course.
The course will be held in english.

Vad ingår?
– Tea, coffee and snacks are provided.
– A compendium is also provided

Vad behöver du förbereda?
Bring your own laptop if possible. If not possible let me know and there are a few computers available.

Basic computer knowledge.

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