När: 2015 – Anmälningar är nu stängda! Kontakta kontoret om du är intresserad av att gå kursen i framtiden.
Tid: 10-14 eller 16-20
Var: KKV GBG, Sockerbruket 44, Electro
Mål: Lära sig elektronisk och digital stickteknik
Språk: Svenska och engelska
Deltagarantal: 1 per tillfälle
Kostnad: 1500kr
Kursledare: Geraldine Juarez geraldine@supersimetrica.info

Elektroknitting is a workshop that combines electronic and digital tools and software for knitting complex patterns in different colors. In this course, the participants will learn to use the basic and advance functions of the electronic knitting machine.

The course is divided in 2 parts:

    • Electronic Knitting: Techniques include reading, preparing and programming patterns, casting, plain knitting, fair isle technique, loading default patterns and input basic patterns in analog mode.

Digital Knitting: Participants will learn how to how to create and convert images to patterns with the Img2track software and load them to the knitting machine, using the foundation knowledge from the electronic knitting part.

The course is intensive and open for two participants each date, it last 4 hours, with aprox 1.5 hours of practice in the machine for each participant. Please bring a design you would like to work with in JPG on an USB. You can bring your computer but also you can use the computer available in the studio. There is no previous knowledge required to take this course. You will get a manual with the basic steps, links and resources to continue experimenting with computer knitting techniques.

The course is in English, but if you prefer Swedish, please let me know.